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Birthing Families Foundation provides programs that serve the birthing community with objectives to reduce health disparities for low income, marginalized, racialized, and oppressed populations and for those encountering disability, family violence, racial violence and/or addiction.

Birthing Families Counselling Program offers sliding scale counselling for perinatal individuals and families who are in need of support and guidance but who have a barrier to accessing these supports. Each of our counsellors specialize in offering perinatal support and have worked with many families to work to create positive mental health and well-being during the time of starting a family. Families within the perinatal period will be offered 10 sessions of counselling (over a 3 month period) at a rate established with the family. They will have the opportunity to interview and choose a counsellor that feels like the right fit.

The pandemic, and its ensuing isolation have resulted in higher incidences of postpartum mood disorders. This program is in alignment with the WHO’s Mental Health Response in that it will assist in improving psychological well-being by providing psycho-social interventions and psychological support during the pandemic. Thus, we are striving to offer families support in the form of counselling in order to fill the gaps created with COVID precautions. 

Supporting Undersupported Families

Birthing Families Counselling wants to create access for pregnant people and parents within the first two years of parenthood. We understand the high need for counseling services during this intense time of change and we wish to bridge the gap for those without access.

Families who Qualify

If you have a barrier to accessing supports (unemployment, reduced employment, low-income, homelessness etc.), and are within the perinatal period (the period of time surrounding the birth of a child – trying to conceive, pregnant, birth loss, child removal and postpartum up to two years following the birth of an infant).

If you are uncertain whether or not you qualify, or you would like to clarify questions that you have about the program please contact us at

At Birthing Families Foundation, we believe that cost should not be a barrier to perinatal and postpartum mental health support. We want everyone to have access to the services they need. Our goal is to provide no-cost counseling services for birthing families and pay our counselors for their work. We aren’t there yet.

This income map invites you to self-select your ability to financially support the health of this program based on your current economic reality.

We ask you to pay the most that you can to support this program.

If you would like to access our services and can pay more than our suggestions, you are encouraged to provide an additional donation here.

Payment Options per 1hr Session:


If you have financial ease or abundance please consider making a donation here to strengthen our ability to provide services to families who need more support.

If you do not see a provider in our database with the lived experience or skill set that you are seeking, here are a few other community counselling programs we are aware of:

Indigenous Counselling Services through First Nations Health Authority

Support Network for Indigeounous Women and Women of Colour Mental Health Support

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Birthing Families Foundation Team.

If you are a counsellor interested in participating in this program click here for more information

Our Sponsors

A big thank you to the Victoria Foundation for selecting us as a recipient of their Community Recovery Program grant! This Grant will help us launch our Birthing Families Counselling program, coming soon. We appreciate the support of Victoria Foundation towards our initiative to build resilient, healthy families in our communities”


We at Birthing Families Foundation would like to extend a big thank you to the Coastal Community Credit Union for selecting us as a recipient of their Relief and Resiliency Fund grant! This will fund the JaneApp software we require to launch our Counselling for Birthing Families program, coming soon. We are so happy for the support of the Coastal Community Credit Union towards our initiative to build resilient, healthy families in our communities!


Thank you to the Victoria Foundation, along with Community Foundations of Canada for supporting the Community Doula Connection program, as well as the Nesting Doula Collective’s programming to support birthing families, via the Gender Equality Fund.


The United Way of Greater Victoria

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