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About Us

Birthing Families Foundation provides programs that serve the birthing community with objectives to bridge the support gap particularly for low income and at risk families and reduce existing disparities for underserved families. 

Community Doula Connection Online offers virtual doula support sessions for pregnant and postpartum individuals and families who are in need of support.

With sustained/rising COVID 19 numbers across Vancouver Island and BC, some families may be hesitant to book a doula to be present with them at the birth or in postpartum, some families may not have the means to retain a doula or qualify for existing programs. However, the need for families to connect with support is even greater at this time. Community Doula Connection Online offers families care in the form of to fill these gaps.

Families can connect with birth and postpartum doulas through our online portal for virtual support in the specific arenas of:

  • Prenatal education
  • Birth prep
  • Prenatal postpartum planning
  • Childbirth Education
  • Birth story listening
  • Postpartum education
  • Infant care/feeding troubleshooting
  • Affirming emotional support
  • Connecting families to specific resources that meet their needs

Doulas in the Virtual program will be offering:

Free: 20 minute “Ask a Doula” sessions
$25: 1hr Prenatal Support sessions (birth prep or postpartum prep)
$25: 1hr Postpartum Doula Support sessions
$50: 2 hr Express Childbirth Ed

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