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Food Security Program

A core mission of Birthing Families Foundation is to address the food security challenges our communities and birthing families are facing.

Through private donors, community fundraising efforts and future grants BFF aims to increase our capacity to support food security initiatives to a greater scale and in more A1 communities.

To inquire more about our Food Security Program contact us by email at

Doulas work with perinatal families

A Case Study – Salt Spring Island

In 2022 we moved forward on Salt Spring Island to address a perinatal health care crisis, housing issues and a high cost of living all which put birthing families at an increased emotional and financial stress.

Food Security SSI Foundation
In the fall of 2022 BFF received a grant from the Salt Spring Foundation to help address our goal of providing increased food security to families being supported by postpartum doula care on Salt Spring Island.

With this grant our foundation has been able to provide five local families with meal support as the need arises.

BFF is grateful to have partnered with an already established program through local community services, Harvest Kitchen.

This collaboration allows us to provide balanced, nourishing, ready to serve meals prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen overseen by a Red Seal Chef.


Doulas work with perinatal families