Removing Barriers to Safe Care Begins at Birth

Removing Barriers to Safe Care Begins at Birth


Birthing Families Foundation is a reproductive justice based charitable organization whose mission is to support vulnerable birthing families with perinatal care in the form of skilled doula services, integrative community support, and food security. Birthing Families Foundation provides continuing education to perinatal professionals and is working on large scale systems challenges that impact all birthing families. Birthing Families Foundation Programs serve the birthing community with objectives to reduce health disparities for equity deserving families, (low income, marginalized, racialized, and oppressed populations and for those encountering disability, family violence, and/or addiction)

Recent Research has demonstrated that when families, especially those who are at risk, are supported through the entire perinatal period and beyond, they experience improved birth outcomes and enhanced early childhood development.

Through the Birthing Families Foundation Programs and partnerships our goal is to offer families doula support, counselling, food and mentorship to fill the gaps in our system.

With improved support for families, these services will lead to better birth outcomes, the long term health and well-being of children and families, and a community of support workers (doulas) who are informed and supported in order to extend specialized perinatal care out into the community. Birthing Families Foundation supports both families and workers, ultimately strengthening and uplifting our communities as a whole. For more information about the Charity or our programs, please contact us.

With thanks!

The Birthing Families Foundation team.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank the Salt Spring Island Foundation for selecting us as a recipient of one of their community grants! This Grant will help us bridge Salt Spring Island’s Midwives and Doulas to create a collaborative and supportive perinatal care model for families.


BFF would like to generously thank the Victoria Foundation for their continued support in choosing us as a recipient of the Community Grants Program. This vital grant will contribute to our Wrap-around Referral Based Program which provides relevant doula support to vulnerable families through collaboration with existing perinatal support organizations on Vancouver Island.

We also received a grant from the Victoria Foundation's Community Grants Program collaboration stream to help us further interdisciplinary collaborations between perinatal support systems to achieve more optimal care strategies island wide. Thank you for your continued support and care for the health of perinatal families on Vancouver Island.

Victoria Foundation


We at Birthing Families Foundation would like to extend a big thank you to the Coastal Community Credit Union for selecting us as a recipient of their Relief and Resiliency Fund grant! This will fund the JaneApp software we require to launch our Counselling for Birthing Families program, coming soon. We are so happy for the support of the Coastal Community Credit Union towards our initiative to build resilient, healthy families in our communities!


Thank you to the Victoria Foundation, along with Community Foundations of Canada for supporting the Community Doula Connection program, as well as the Nesting Doula Collective's programming to support birthing families, via the Gender Equality Fund.


The United Way of Greater Victoria

“A Doula is a non medical support person who provides emotional and physical comfort  during life’s pivotal moments, such as: birth, death, loss, and transition.”
– Community Doula Connection