Request Doula Support for a Family in Need

Request Support for a Family in Need

If you are a perinatal health care professional serving the perinatal population and your client is within Birthing Families Foundation’s mandate and in need of perinatal doula support please request doula support through our intake form located below.

If you have any questions please contact

Family Resources

*A note on referrals for BIPOC families* 

We are connected to a network of doulas from many backgrounds and with many skill sets.  Please be aware that we share referrals for Black, Indigenous or a person of Colour with our community partners The Nesting Doula Collective. Birthing Families Foundation doulas serve all people, and also we recognize the value of connecting BIPOC families with BIPOC doulas and will continue to uplift the Nesting Doula Collective’s leadership and other BIPOC centering programs across the island which support Vancouver Island’s racialized birthing families.